Ningbo Shunxing Auto Electric Equipment Co, It specializes in producing auto electrical generator, power distributor and ignition controller. We have developed into a large scale of annually producing 500000 suits of auto electrical generator, power distributor, ignition controller and other electrical machineries for more than a dozen years of developments.
        The company possesses wise talents who know how to adapt their company to the market equirements, continuously renovates its intelligence test means and production equipment to fit into the needs of actual manufactures. It has passed ISO9001 international quality authentication. The power distributor and the electrical generator made by this company boast a vast variety and extensive specifications. They are provided to numerous main machine builders. The company enjoys high prestige in the maintenance market. Some of the products are exported to Southeast Asian, European countries and the United States with growing export volume year by year. We warmly welcome you to visit and negotiate with us.

              截止今天,舜兴公司经过20多年的不断发展,已达到发电机年产30万台,分电器80万只,模块60万只的生产规模。2010年,公司成立了OEM技术部,致力于开发,生产,销售发电机,分电器产品,向国内外著名企业提供发电机,分电器系统解决方案,公司已经通过TS/16949,ISO/9001 认证等,并且在公司内部购建行业的专业管理系统,该系统涵盖了技术体系,采购体系,EPR等, 舜兴公司重视的文化,舜兴以公司的文化承载我们走向未来!
        营业执照Professional manufacturer of alternator & ignition distributor